The Beauté Simple address book

These are tomorrow’s skincare services!

1. Beauty consultation:

the professional who draws up the Beauty prescription (a 30 min. consultation for a customized beauty routine).

2. Facial beauty therapist or facial technician:

lifting massage experts who use exceptional manual techniques.

3. Beauty therapist or Dien Chan therapist:

opening the doors of the impossible …

1. Beauty consultation

30 minutes to draw up a professional beauty routine

A real advantage as part of your treatment menu: encourage customers to visit your institute by simply offering professional advice! A service that clients are looking for and one that will make all the difference!

The consultation includes several phases:


This is the questionnaire part of the consultation: the goal behind this phase is to understand your client’s habits.
  • How does your client’s skin feel? Tight? Dry? Any particular sensitivity?
  • What is her current beauty routine?
  • Has she undergone any cosmetic medical procedures?
  • Does she have any specific contraindications? Allergies?
  • Is she undergoing a medical treatment?
  • What is her lifestyle like?
  • Her working conditions? Is she particularly stressed?
  • Is she on a diet?

Interested in a diagnosis device?

There are several brands: what are the advantages? You encode all the products you offer, and the device draws up your beauty prescription.

Useful link:


2. Facial beauty therapist or facial technician

This is the lifting massage expert who uses exceptional manual techniques.

Would you like to become a specialist in face care treatments, study the morphology of the face, facial anatomy, skin, facial muscles, the aging process in muscles, lymphatic system, fascia… Thanks to your knowledge and expertise, would you like to be able to erase signs of fatigue, enhance a radiant glow, attenuate frown lines, and smooth out the lip contour?

Would you like to learn how to create a personalized facial massage treatment and teach clients how to massage their own faces? Become a customized skincare professional… and meet the growing demand of customers who refuse cosmetic surgery and invasive techniques.

The Académie des Facialistes is the 1st French and international school that trains professionals to become Facial beauty therapists or Facial technicians. It was created by Catherine Bourgeois and Delphine Langlois, two passionate facial beauty therapists.

The Académie des Facialistes is a modern, interactive and cutting-edge school with training programs supervised by renowned experts, boasting inspirational careers. A school that focuses on all technical and specialized aspects of face care treatments.

3. Discover Dien Chan or opening the doors of the impossible…

What is it?

You have certainly heard about foot reflexology… of course, this is not new! It was developed by Eunice Ingham (1879-1974) and its benefits on relaxation and pain management are increasingly recognized.

Here, it is the original facial reflexology method applied to natural aesthetics and holistic wellbeing.  Its tools, with yin and yang effects, allow for ultra-precise protocols that bring surprising results.

But realistically, what can be achieved?

A great deal! Both large and small changes.
Chan’beauté is a non-invasive, easy to use technique that allows for rapid, in-depth results in treating numerous common disorders.

The International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan offers the guarantee of serious and comprehensive certification.

Since 2002, students have received structured educational programs that are adapted to their learning pace.
Enjoyable application and assistance are also offered so that you can easily find the most suitable protocol at any time.