La Slow Cosmétique


l.1. “Ecological” cosmetics:

“Slow Cosmétique” products must be formulated and used with respect for the environment. This approach favors the least processed natural and organic ingredients in its formulas, excluding any ingredient derived from synthetic chemistry, petrochemicals, the plastics industry, as well as any potentially polluting ingredient for the environment or the body. It strives to minimize its ecological impact in all fields of its activity without exception, and therefore favors short cycles and exchanges at the local level and zero waste. It focuses on plants and minerals with low environmental impact. It excludes any ingredient and technique potentially harmful to the environment, humankind or animals. It promotes biodiversity.

l.2. “Healthful” cosmetics:

Slow Cosmétique products are formulated and used with respect for human, plant, and animal health. They are formulated with respect for nature and its life cycle without causing short or long-term harm. This approach ensures to not disrupt the body’s physiological functions. In any doubt over the sanitary impact or action of a product, Slow Cosmétique follows the precautionary principle and is satisfied with available alternatives. Slow Cosmétique bars all animal testing, as well as any animal abuse by suffering or death.

l.3. “Smart” cosmetics:

Slow Cosmétique products meet the skin’s real needs in a suitable and sound manner. This approach acknowledges the skin’s basic dermatological needs, namely cleansing, hydration and protection, and meets them with sound products or rituals, without the use of numerous unnecessary products. To this end, it uses simple formulas with a noble ingredient base from bioavailable resources.
It avoids wherever possible the inert, inactive or unnecessarily processed ingredients, as well as any ingredient capable of maintaining or improving the health of the skin to the detriment of the health of the rest of the body or the mind. It encourages us to consume less but better, while leading us into direct contact with nature without looking to recreate the latter in an artificial way.

l.4. “Sound” cosmetics:

The Slow Cosmétique approach does not make false promises, impossible to keep with regards to the nature of a product or a cosmetic ritual. It forbids greenwashing, manipulation, and any form of airbrushing or concealment intended to deceive its contacts. It is sold and bought at a fair price, which reflects the genuine quality of its formulation or service. The price is the result of an honest calculation, in direct connection to the development of the product or service upholding Slow Cosmétique values. It promotes ancient and traditional know-how while respecting ethics. In its development, it ensures the improvement of the standard of living for all players in the production chain. It trusts the ingredients from nature or human talent, without seeking to claim exclusivity (biopiracy). Decidedly positive and not-anxiety-provoking, it recognizes the need for pleasure felt by humankind as a quality and encourages us to cultivate it in a simple way. It encourages us to adopt natural alternatives, beneficial for the body and beauty as well as the mind.